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January 16, 2023

Everybody knows Pairadize Leggings. But do you also know the launched already 5 bodysuits by now? Faux leather and PU, black and red. Have a look, I'm giving you some ideas on how to style them. 😊

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1st look:
Sleeveless bodysuit, skort and tights by Pairadize
Pairadize Bodysuits:
Pairadize Skort:
Pairadize Thermo Tights:
Belt by Maniere de Voir
Booty by Fernando Berlin
Jacket by Bershka

2nd look:
Longsleeved bodysuit and leggings by Pairadize
Pairadize Leggings:
Belt and necklace by no:wear Designs London
Heels by Pleaser
3rd look:
Cargo pants by Bershka
Boots by Tamaris

4th look:
Red bodysuit by Pairadize
Tights by Gatta
Boots by Tajna Club
Gloves by Naughty Thoughts
Belt is selfmade

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Outfit from the beginning:
Golden leggings by Pairadize
Harness by Schnittmuskel
Top by New Yorker
Heels by Giaro

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