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December 4, 2022

Part two! Let's start discussions in the comments again. 🤭😅
Disclaimer: Yeah, ok. This is a bit of making fun of all the other "Expert rates this and that" videos here on Youtube. But there is also a lot of truth in it either way. 😉

And yes, Content Creator is aware of the fact that whilst Content Creator is sitting here and ra(n)ting latex outfits, Content Creator is not wearing latex myself and that might be a paradox - but this was just more comfortable und appropriate for just sitting in front of the laptop. 😅😜
If you want to see in latex, watch these:

Big thanks goes to all the Patrons helping by researching suitable clips and also helping with some decisions on editing this video! (yes, they saw this video already some time earlier 😜)

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Outfit: PVC Catsuit by Patrice Catanzaro
Questions about the games and books in the background are more than welcome!


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